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Josh Croall is an award winning acrobat and juggler renowned for his world class and spectacular performances. Josh has performed around the world in 4 different continents including Cirkuff Czech Republic, Sweden Fitness Festival, Qingdao Beer Festival in China, and cruise ship productions in Montreal. He has performed regionally with Circus Rio, State Opera of South Australia, his own work garnered the prestigious 'Best Pick of the Fringe' award at the Adelaide Fringe in 2018. 


From the iconic Sydney Opera House to The Star Sydney, International Convention Centre Sydney, and vibrant Luna Park Sydney, Josh has showcased his extraordinary skills at numerous prestigious venues. His captivating performances have even garnered recognition on Australia’s Got Talent, while corporate giants like LEGO, Ikea, and Canva have sought his artistry. 


In addition to their work as a performer, Josh is also a highly sought-after coach, known for their ability to be patient and a clear communicator. His dedication extends to helping clients achieve their full potential, demonstrated through his teachings in circus, acrobatics, calisthenics, and gymnastics at schools, gyms, and corporate team-building events. 


Josh is a dynamic and exciting artist whose work strives to make a significant impact in movement and live performance.

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